Kyra X Hemi ~ Litter Due March 23, 2020

Kyra and Hemi's litter is due to arrive on or after March 23, 2020. Colors possible in this litter are black, yellow, chocolate, silver and charcoal. We will post updated litter details as well as pictures and a current reserve list as that information becomes available.  We have several upcoming Spring/Summer litters that will include all color possibilities. Our reserve lists are starting to fill up for our upcoming litters, if you are interested in placing a deposit to reserve your spot for an upcoming litter please visit our Pricing & Payments page for details on reserving your puppy as well as our procedures for picks.  Have a beautiful Spring season, from all of us at Avon Kennels <3  


Meet The Parent's

Miss Magis's Kyra Baby ( Kyra)


Hemi Magnum of Srain (Hemi)